"John Paul is an exceptional trainer and without question one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the fitness field. Whenever I have a question, I know to contact JP, the "walking encyclopedia". I would recommend JP to any individual or trainer wanting to take their fitness and knowledge to the next level."
Louisa Nedkov, RNCP, CPT
Nutritionist / Personal Trainer



"I've spent 7 years as a personal trainer working with over 600 clients. Without a doubt, the best source of information that I have found in this field comes from John Paul Catanzaro. His guidance has helped me increase my client base tremendously.

While attending a personal training conference in Toronto, I had the chance to experience one of JP's workshops. From that moment on, my whole perspective on training changed.

After attending numerous seminars and one on one consultation with John Paul, I achieved great results with my clients and myself. I strongly encourage all interested health and fitness enthusiasts out there to attend a seminar or consultation given by John Paul Catanzaro.

I thank Mr. Catanzaro for all his help. He has rekindled my spirit for personal training - work now is more enjoyable and satisfying. Thank-You”
Tom Irvine, CPT / Revolution Trainer
St. Lawrence College Fitness and Health Teacher


"I have attended 2 weekend workshops with John Paul Catanzaro and have learned an enormous amount of pertinent information regarding fitness and nutrition in doing so.

I feel that my confidence as a trainer increased a great deal after participating in JP's workshops. Attending JP’s workshops has made me a better trainer in terms of instructional techniques as well as accumulating knowledge for my clients.

Thanks JP, keep pushing the envelope!"
Terrance McHenry, BA, CPTN, CFT OASES
Physical Education Department University of Alberta

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