Strength Training Workshop - Cutting Edge Techniques (12 hours)

Advanced Strength Training Techniques

In this workshop, you will learn the following:

  • Jettison technique
  • Eccentric training (negative accentuated training, omni exercises on Swiss ball, and eccentric hooks)
  • Isometrics and isometronics
  • Vibration techniques
  • Bottom-position squats & bench press
  • Advanced stretching techniques
  • Grip training (fat bar, Ironmind implements, and hyperirradiation)
  • Calf strengthening & stretching methods
  • Balance boards for increased strength
  • Recovery methods
  • Swiss ball use to increase neural drive
  • Accommodating resistance with chains, bands and tubes
  • Tellekinetics
  • Complex and contrast methods
  • Wave-like loading and cluster training
  • Touch training for strength
  • Reciprocity training

In addition, you will learn 3 methods to increase arm strength by up to 10% instantly, as well as 6 ways to beef up calf size, and a slew of techniques for everything else in between! Thought all those balance tools were useless - don't throw them out just yet. Various unique methods of grip training will be demonstrated to catapult overall size and strength. Discover how your senses (sight, sound, smell and touch) affect your strength and how to improve the odds in your favor, and so much more...

Body Composition Strategies and Methods For Size & Strength

This workshop will discuss the following topics in extensive detail:

    a) diet and nutrition
    b) supplements and other ergogenic aids
    c) training programs
    d) lifestyle factors

For example:

  • Learn how to get lean without sacrificing hard-earned muscle
  • Want to put on size quickly ... JP will show you how
  • Learn how to acquire a high level of strength in a short period of time
  • Be prepared to experience some of these routines first-hand!
  • You will receive several diet plans as well as a host of training programs
  • John Paul will reveal which supplements work ... and which don't!
  • Discover the most important aspect of sleep and how you can improve recovery immensely with one simple change

There is simply too much information to put into words!

This workshop is absolutely jam-packed with valuable material - the handout alone is worth the price of admission! Arm yourself with practical knowledge that you can put to immediate use. Stop scratching your head in confusion. A must-attend for any personal trainer at any level!

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