Strength Training Parameters & Program Design Lecture (6 hours)

In this information-packed seminar, you will be privy to a compilation of material from various authorities in the strength game including Bompa, Chek, Ditillo, Fleck, Francis, Hartmann, King, Kraemer, Poliquin, Schmidtbleicher, Siff, Simmons, Staley, Tate, Tunnemann, Verkhoshansky, Zatsiorsky, and more.

You will learn about the thought processes that a qualified personal trainer needs to consider prior to designing an individualized program for a client.

Key strength training parameters of intensity, volume, density, sets, reps, tempo, time under tension, rest interval, frequency, sequence, exercise and load selection will be discussed. In addition, many popular training programs and splits will be reviewed.

All trainers from beginners who are just starting to those that have been at it for years will benefit from this presentation.

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