Healthy Living Lecture (3 hours)

An in-depth discussion on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors.

Topics include:

  • What is essential in our diets and what is not - get ready to be surprised!
  • The difference between the insulin index and the glycemic index
  • How one of nature's best foods can be your worst enemy
  • The best and worst sources of calcium -be prepared for a surprise!
  • How to determine who the high and low carb responders are
  • Using food timing for success
  • The one truly effective method to stave off food allergies
  • The single most important physical factor that affects aging
  • Calorie counting is ineffective and the better alternative
  • The dangers of consuming this highly touted food
  • The real deal on fiber, sugar, soda, fruit juice, fruit and milk
  • The 4 simple rules to healthy eating and the 6 key lifestyle factors that influence your health and fitness and ultimately, your shape
  • The key aspect to look for when purchasing a quality supplement
  • The best bottled water - another surprise guaranteed!
  • The one crucial aspect of sleep to improve your energy levels
  • The key form of exercise that will give you the most bang for your buck
  • How long-term aerobic work can actually store more body fat
  • A sample training program that will get you in shape in no time and so much more...
Click play to listen to a 15 minute segment of this lecture.

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