Strength Training Workshop - Beyond The Fundamentals (12 hours)

Session 1 - Assessment

  • How does body composition affect performance?
  • Discover how body fat deposition reflects your endocrine (hormonal) system and how that influences your eating and training parameters.
  • Learn the most effective and practical method of measuring body composition.
  • How much flexibility is necessary for optimal performance?
  • Learn how to perform some simple flexibility tests and what to look out for.
  • What is the role of posture and how will it influence your program design?
  • How do you determine ideal posture?
  • What is the single best exercise to evaluate muscle length and tension characteristic at practically every joint and how do you properly interpret the results.
  • Discover optimal strength ratios and how to test them.
  • How do you standardize many of the popular endurance tests?
  • What about muscle testing- how applicable is it and how do you do it?
  • Learn methods to test for fiber type dominance and how the results will affect your training.

Session 2 - Core Training

  • In what order should you train your abdominals?
  • How do you determine where to start your clients?
  • Learn how to increase loading and progressions to various core exercises. 
  • Discover the biggest misconception regarding your abs and how to train them properly. 
  • Learn how to perform effective exercises with minimal equipment. 
  • Discover the secret to keep your lower back pain free.
  • Learn how to perform core exercises in every plane (not just the sagittal plane).
  • Get ready for some unique frontal and transverse plane movements. 
  • This is not just a simple discussion of how to perform crunches!

Session 3 - Upper Body

  • Have a client that can't do a push-up or chin-up? Learn how to change that quickly.
  • Discover some unique ways of using Swiss balls or bands when training the upper body.
  • Learn how to spot subtle methods of cheating and how you can correct them.
  • Learn how to spot your client.
  • You will be floored by the number of exercise variations you will learn in this part of the workshop.
  • You'll learn how to correctly perform various presses, dips, lateral raises, chin-ups, rows, pull-downs, elbow flexion and extension exercises and so much more!
  • The wrist exercises alone are worth the price of this session.

Session 4 - Lower Body

  • Learn how to properly perform the King of all exercises - the squat. You'll be treated to over a dozen variations of this exercise.
  • You will discover how a simple modification to the deadlift can ramp up hamstring activity.
  • Want more glute or lower back recruitment? JP will show you how.
  • Safety is important - learn what to do and what not to do.
  • Unilateral work is useful to even out strength imbalances in the lower body. One of the most effective, yet often misunderstood, exercises you can perform is the step-up. It is excellent for assessment, rehabilitation and performance. You'll be amazed on how many variations exist of this exercise. Discover one simple tip that converts this exercise into a winner.
  • Learn the most effective movements in the gym for the posterior chain.
  • Discover the true secrets to calf training. How do you attack different heads of the muscle, does knee angle make a difference, speed? What if you have limited equipment?

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